You can usually find me chasing after one of our many children; picking up toys, reading books and tucking little ones into bed. But in the precious time I get to call my own I secretly love to create. I create anything that strikes my fancy in the moment. Sometimes it's wood craft- sometimes it's hand-stitched embroidery work. It can be anything, really.

I also like to make new friends and share things with them. Which is why this online store got started. 


Why Bear Hugs and Beehives

The "Bear Thing" started a long time ago when I was  a little girl. I collected Teddy Bears and was  nick-named The Bear Queen by my family. When our first son was born, the nurse in the hospital affectionately referred to him as a sweet little bear and I fell in love. He became my Little Aaron-Bear. 5 more kids have shared that title. As they have gotten older they have perfected the art of giving bear hugs, which I LOVE.

The symbol of the Beehive refers to those who work hard and who are industrious. It also has significant meaning in our church, as our members try to emulate those traits.


Many years ago I started a blog to keep and share all my creations:  mybusybeehives.blogspot.com . It is still up and running and you can see more of my work there.